July 1, 2013

How To Join The National Guard – Requirements & Benefits

If you are interested in joining the National Guard, there are a few things you should know about the requirements and benefits that are usually applied to individuals who want to join National Guard forces. By reviewing the benefits and the requirements of joining these forces, you can make the entire application process go much smoother and you will also know what you should expect to experience as you complete the application process too.

Us Join National Guard

Before you even start to consider joining this organization, you should be certain that you are either an American citizen or a legal permanent resident alien. Along with fulfilling these requirements, you must fall into the age range of 17-47, unless you have already served in the military or you have a specialized professional skill.

Along with these requirements, you must also pass a medical examination and qualify for the moral requirements the Guard requires of its recruits. There are certain crimes that the National Guard does not overlook. If you have these crimes on your record, you will not be accepted for enrollment into basic training. Also, if you have disqualifying health conditions, you will not be able to join today.

Since all soldiers who apply and are accepted must complete basic training, you should also be in a reasonably good physical condition. There are a few general physical requirements that you can review to see if you qualify for the National Guard. If you would like to find out more about these physical requirements, simply visit the National Guard’s main page or you can talk to a recruiter about these restrictions. If you do not qualify right now, you can always do what you can to ensure that you do meet these physical requirements in order to qualify in the future.

There are many benefits to joining this reserve military force. People join for a wide variety of reasons due to the many benefits that can be derived through service. You can obtain great pay for only a few hours of work each month or you can earn a substantial salary by actually serving your country in active duty scenarios. There are even special bonuses individuals can obtain by qualifying for certain jobs too.

Along with the pay though, there are many other reasons why people join this group of dedicated individuals. You can even acquire the money you need for school by joining. To make the job of serving your country even more lucrative, you can also build skills for your future as you complete your duties as a Guardsman.

Many individuals have obtained the physical condition, the skills, and the knowledge they need to better advance themselves in the real world. These benefits not only help them excel through the ranks of the armed forces, but they actually help them excel through the ranks of corporate America as well.

Whether you are looking for additional experience to put on your resume for job applications, or you are looking to earn great money while serving an outstanding cause, you might want to join National Guard forces today. Once you join, you will not only receive additional respect from those around, but you will also respect yourself more as well, because you will be a highly skilled and highly trained individual who is dedicated to higher ideals.

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