June 28, 2013

National Guard Pay – How Much Can You Earn in The National Guard

The National Guard can be a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a source of additional income or a stable salary. There are a variety of paths you can take once you have joined this elite force of soldiers and every path pays a very generous salary for your contributions. You can even earn National Guard pay just by completing two days of training exercises each month too.

Us The National Guard

The most basic benefits that are provided by the National Guard are the benefits they provide to soldiers who only train for two days a month. When you first start out, you will be making at least $179 for just two days of work each month. As you progress through the ranks though, you can earn even more for your time.

These benefits are in addition to the great pay you are given when you are actually deployed though. If you are ever deployed, you can be earning as much as $1,339 per month. New recruits even earn this amount of income while they are going through training too. The amount of money you can make per month only increases as you progress through the ranks as well.

Not all of the benefits provided by the Guard is given in the form of a paycheck though. There are numerous other ways you can benefit from being a soldier in the United States National Guard. You can also obtain the money you need to go to college by joining these forces.

Once you join, you will have an opportunity to acquire $18,000 for tuition fees. In many states, this amount of money for school would cover all of the costs that are associated with tuition fees. There are even special programs that recruits can apply for that provide a few hundred dollars every single month to assist with living expenses while they complete their studies too.

One of the most commonly overlooked financial benefits of joining these forces is the additional income recruits can make once they reintegrate themselves into society. After you can truthfully state that you have served in the armed forces, you will instantly be recognized as a highly trained, highly skilled, and highly refined individual who can manage any type of task or scenario that is thrown at them. For this reason, job applicants who can say they have military experience are often picked first for lucrative positions and they often earn desirable salaries once they have acquired positions within corporations.

Depending on the job you are qualified for, you may also receive significant bonuses when you first join. You can also obtain bonuses as you move up through the ranks too. No matter what job you get though, you will be earning about $3,000 per year just by training and participating in drill exercises twice a month.

If you are ever actively deployed, your salary will instantly jump up to at least $1,339 per month. If you are attracted to the National Guard pay you will receive once you join, you will be given a very lucrative salary immediately and you will have practically endless opportunities to acquire pay raises and bonuses as you move up through the ranks of the military.

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The History And Purpose Of The National Guard Bureau

The National Guard Bureau is a unique organization full of staff members and operation planners who effectively govern the actions of the National Guard troops. This organization works closely with the Department of Defense and fulfills multiple obligations to the United States, including the obligation of providing active duty troops on the front lines of major conflicts. Due to the many responsibilities and varying troop types this bureau oversees today, its history is a long and colorful one.

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The National Guard Bureau has been serving our country faithfully for many years now. It was originally established in 1903. It was first established as a result of the efforts of those who thought the militia of the United States could be stronger than it was during the Spanish-American War.

The departments that oversaw the forces of the Guard were also strengthened at this time too. These efforts were designed to make the committees and individuals who oversaw the activities of the militia more powerful and official.

These changes were to be followed by other changes that also significantly improved the quality of the individuals who participated in this armed force. By making the organization more official, and by paying those who participated in the activities of this organization, the militia was essentially transformed into a very respectable group of soldiers who could fight side by side with the armed forces of America as equals.

Although these initial transformations were large and far reaching, they were hardly the most significant transformations this organization would see throughout its history. When World War II rolled around, the goals and strategic use of these forces dramatically shifted to better suit the needs of the other armed forces.

Around the time of World War II, the transformations that affected the Guard included changes to the top ranks of power and it also included changes in the primary functions of the troops serving in the reserves. These changes not only allowed the federal government to control the placement of the individuals serving in the reserve, but they actually almost took away the need for the National Guard Bureau altogether.

It was later realized that it was not in the best interests of the United States to have the this group of soldiers under the authority of the Army though. Around this time it was decided that the top ranking officials of the Bureau should be specifically assigned to the duty of managing these forces. It was also around this time that these forces became more involved with the Air Force too.

Now, rather than simply being a select group of military professionals who were trained to effectively deploy as ground soldiers, the National Guard became a force that could effectively govern air space as well. Now that this group of soldiers deploys on both the ground and in the air, they are always in constant communication with both the United States Army and the Air Force. The primary purpose of the National Guard Bureau is to facilitate the actions of these troops to best serve the country as a whole and to facilitate their actions in a manner that best supports the central armed forces of the United States as well.

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An Overview Of The US National Guard

The National Guard is the oldest military organization in the United States. The Guard was created to protect and defend the interests of the United States around the globe. Since its inception, it has proven to be more than capable, and incredibly useful, in accomplishing this general goal.

Us National Guard

The National Guard has been used to resolve countless conflicts and has often proven to be an integral component of the armed forces of the U. S. In all types of conflicts. The earliest battles guardsmen saw were conflicts between settlers in the new world and Indian forces.

The presence of these new militia forces greatly deterred the efforts of Indian combatants and saved countless lives. The initial efforts of the Guard in these instances foreshadowed the contributions they would later make to their country as larger and more important conflicts challenged the United States.

Even when the conflicts became rather large around the time of World War I though, these forces were heavily relied upon to complete the goals of the commanding officers in power at the time. This organization was also a part of spearhead efforts of the United States during World War II.

This division of the United States armed forces is a very important division. It is not entirely ran by the federal government, but instead is ran by both the federal government and the individual states. Its primary purpose is slightly different than the purpose of the other armed forces, because it is designed to handle any type of conflicts the citizens of the U. S. Happen to encounter, including natural disasters.

For this reason, these troops are not only some of the first troops on the ground during time of war, but they are also usually the first troops on the ground when there is a natural disaster. In fact, after Hurricane Katrina hit the coast, they were a major presence in the area to help bring order to the streets and help survivors get to shelter.

The National Guard is still heavily used in armed conflicts around the world today though. They have proven to be valuable forces in the conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq. For this reason, they are still trained very well in both survival skills and armed combat.

Although playing a role in conflicts around the world has traditionally proven to be one of the primary activities of these forces, they are also used as a form of strategic defense for our nation. These forces are often placed in important areas around the country where they serve as security and defense for vulnerable civilian locations. In this respect, the National Guard is really a last line of defense between the conflicts that rage around the world and the civilians who go about living their peaceful lives here at home.

Overall, the National Guard has played a very diverse role in the history of our country. Not only have they gone to battle with the best of our nation’s troops in major conflicts, but they have also served as a last line of defense on the home front too. In this respect, they are some of the most well rounded and well trained servicemen protecting our country today.

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Reasons To Join The National Guard

There are a variety of reasons why loyal and passionate individuals join the armed forces today. Many people join these organizations to simply participate in efforts that will truly make a difference in the world around them. Others participate in the activities of the armed forces to better enhance their personal lives, their personal skills, and the overall future. Whether you are interested in enhancing your personal skills, or you are just interested in having the adventure of a lifetime, the National Guard might be perfect for you.

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One of the primary benefits of joining the National Guard is the pay. Everyone who joins this organization is appropriately awarded for their efforts. Even if you only spend a small amount of time serving your country a few days a year, you will still be compensated for your contributions.

If you are interested in making even more money though, you can also step up your efforts and become more involved too. Along with earning money directly for your efforts, your job resume will certainly be enhanced when you attempt to get a job in civilian life after joining the National Guard. When you can honestly state that you are actively promoting the interests of your country by loyally serving in the Guard, employers will instantly know that you are a devoted and loyal individual who can easily succeed in the business world.

Many people also join for the benefits of receiving a free education. If you are currently having trouble figuring out how you are going to pay for your college education, or you are just interested in getting a free college education, the National Guard is likely the right organization for you.

By joining this organization, you will be given up to $18,000 over a four year period to pay for your education. Depending on the school you attend and the area you live in, this may cover all of the costs of your education.

There are also additional benefits recruits can qualify for too. These benefits often cover living expenses, book expenses, and just about anything. You might have to complete additional application forms to qualify for these programs though, so be sure to talk to a recruiter about these special programs.

While most people join the armed forces to serve their country and obtain numerous financial benefits, there are countless other reasons why people join today. Some people join for the camaraderie the armed forces provide, some join for the purpose these services provide, and some even join to simply get their lives in order and attain new levels of physical fitness they did not believe they could ever achieve in their lifetimes.

There are also individuals who join the National Guard to simply enhance their personal skills. When you join the Guard, you will have a chance to learn how to accomplish many different tasks that will certainly increase your desirability in a work environment once you go back to civilian life. Whether you would like to learn how to work with complex machinery, or you would just like learn new leadership skills that will help you become a more accomplished person in life, the National Guard is the best place for you to be.

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National Guard Units – How The National Guard Is Organized by Unit

The National Guard is organized into a group of many different units. National Guard units correspond to specific districts or geographical locations. The various units of the Guard also correspond to specific tasks, jobs, and duties. If you are interested in joining this organization, you can review the units that are in your local area to see what type of experiences and jobs you will likely face once you join.Us National Guard Units

There are three basic unit types. There are army, air, and joint forces. Army troops are generally ground based military professionals who specialize in completing tasks that require eyes and ears on the scene of conflicts. These forces are often deployed in all kinds of military conflicts to assault enemy barricades and to act as a reinforcement of local law enforcement agencies.

Army units are also commonly utilized in times of natural disasters as well. They can be called up for duty when the governor of their state, or the commanding officer, directs them to the site of a natural disaster. When on the scene of these events, they often reinstate order to the chaos that has arisen and they also provide support that restores stability to any regions that have been affected by the crisis.

The air divisions face slightly different tasks, but they are still used in similar scenarios and they are used to complete similar goals. For the most part, the air division of the National Guard supports the efforts of the United States Air Force.

The air units also play a very important role in protecting our country against threats too. These elite forces constantly train on American soil and they are usually the first eyes in the sky when there is an attack or a suspicion of a possible threat. In this way, they provide a tremendous amount of security for the American people, but they can also be called upon for active duty during times of war as well.

There are also special units that are designed to meet the unique needs of the military. These joint forces are designed to provide medical care for injured soldiers, chaplain services, and an assortment of other benefits to enhance the ultimate mission of the military. These programs were created to reinforce the primary mission of promoting the agenda of the United States government and they accomplish this goal by decreasing drug use, focusing on environmental factors, taking care of soldiers, and in countless other ways.

Each unit is often deployed individually, whether they be serving their country while at home or while they are being deployed abroad. In this way, the members of each battalion, cavalry, etc. Build very close ties with the other members within the group. These individuals often create bonds with each other that more of a familial nature rather than a solely professional relationship.

There are a variety of reasons why there are many different National Guard units. This division of the forces as a whole allows multiple commanders to control the actions and day to day operations of these elite soldiers more effectively, it gives individual command of soldiers located in specific geographical locations to the governors of each state, and it also brings the members of these organizations closer together as teams.

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