August 18, 2017

National Guard Pay – How Much Can You Earn in The National Guard

The National Guard can be a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a source of additional income or a stable salary. There are a variety of paths you can take once you have joined this elite force of soldiers and every path pays a very generous salary for your contributions. You can even earn National Guard pay just by completing two days of training exercises each month too.

Us The National Guard

The most basic benefits that are provided by the National Guard are the benefits they provide to soldiers who only train for two days a month. When you first start out, you will be making at least $179 for just two days of work each month. As you progress through the ranks though, you can earn even more for your time.

These benefits are in addition to the great pay you are given when you are actually deployed though. If you are ever deployed, you can be earning as much as $1,339 per month. New recruits even earn this amount of income while they are going through training too. The amount of money you can make per month only increases as you progress through the ranks as well.

Not all of the benefits provided by the Guard is given in the form of a paycheck though. There are numerous other ways you can benefit from being a soldier in the United States National Guard. You can also obtain the money you need to go to college by joining these forces.

Once you join, you will have an opportunity to acquire $18,000 for tuition fees. In many states, this amount of money for school would cover all of the costs that are associated with tuition fees. There are even special programs that recruits can apply for that provide a few hundred dollars every single month to assist with living expenses while they complete their studies too.

One of the most commonly overlooked financial benefits of joining these forces is the additional income recruits can make once they reintegrate themselves into society. After you can truthfully state that you have served in the armed forces, you will instantly be recognized as a highly trained, highly skilled, and highly refined individual who can manage any type of task or scenario that is thrown at them. For this reason, job applicants who can say they have military experience are often picked first for lucrative positions and they often earn desirable salaries once they have acquired positions within corporations.

Depending on the job you are qualified for, you may also receive significant bonuses when you first join. You can also obtain bonuses as you move up through the ranks too. No matter what job you get though, you will be earning about $3,000 per year just by training and participating in drill exercises twice a month.

If you are ever actively deployed, your salary will instantly jump up to at least $1,339 per month. If you are attracted to the National Guard pay you will receive once you join, you will be given a very lucrative salary immediately and you will have practically endless opportunities to acquire pay raises and bonuses as you move up through the ranks of the military.

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