August 20, 2017

The History And Purpose Of The National Guard Bureau

The National Guard Bureau is a unique organization full of staff members and operation planners who effectively govern the actions of the National Guard troops. This organization works closely with the Department of Defense and fulfills multiple obligations to the United States, including the obligation of providing active duty troops on the front lines of major conflicts. Due to the many responsibilities and varying troop types this bureau oversees today, its history is a long and colorful one.

Us National Guard Bureau

The National Guard Bureau has been serving our country faithfully for many years now. It was originally established in 1903. It was first established as a result of the efforts of those who thought the militia of the United States could be stronger than it was during the Spanish-American War.

The departments that oversaw the forces of the Guard were also strengthened at this time too. These efforts were designed to make the committees and individuals who oversaw the activities of the militia more powerful and official.

These changes were to be followed by other changes that also significantly improved the quality of the individuals who participated in this armed force. By making the organization more official, and by paying those who participated in the activities of this organization, the militia was essentially transformed into a very respectable group of soldiers who could fight side by side with the armed forces of America as equals.

Although these initial transformations were large and far reaching, they were hardly the most significant transformations this organization would see throughout its history. When World War II rolled around, the goals and strategic use of these forces dramatically shifted to better suit the needs of the other armed forces.

Around the time of World War II, the transformations that affected the Guard included changes to the top ranks of power and it also included changes in the primary functions of the troops serving in the reserves. These changes not only allowed the federal government to control the placement of the individuals serving in the reserve, but they actually almost took away the need for the National Guard Bureau altogether.

It was later realized that it was not in the best interests of the United States to have the this group of soldiers under the authority of the Army though. Around this time it was decided that the top ranking officials of the Bureau should be specifically assigned to the duty of managing these forces. It was also around this time that these forces became more involved with the Air Force too.

Now, rather than simply being a select group of military professionals who were trained to effectively deploy as ground soldiers, the National Guard became a force that could effectively govern air space as well. Now that this group of soldiers deploys on both the ground and in the air, they are always in constant communication with both the United States Army and the Air Force. The primary purpose of the National Guard Bureau is to facilitate the actions of these troops to best serve the country as a whole and to facilitate their actions in a manner that best supports the central armed forces of the United States as well.

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