April 16, 2017

An Overview Of The US National Guard

The National Guard is the oldest military organization in the United States. The Guard was created to protect and defend the interests of the United States around the globe. Since its inception, it has proven to be more than capable, and incredibly useful, in accomplishing this general goal.

Us National Guard

The National Guard has been used to resolve countless conflicts and has often proven to be an integral component of the armed forces of the U. S. In all types of conflicts. The earliest battles guardsmen saw were conflicts between settlers in the new world and Indian forces.

The presence of these new militia forces greatly deterred the efforts of Indian combatants and saved countless lives. The initial efforts of the Guard in these instances foreshadowed the contributions they would later make to their country as larger and more important conflicts challenged the United States.

Even when the conflicts became rather large around the time of World War I though, these forces were heavily relied upon to complete the goals of the commanding officers in power at the time. This organization was also a part of spearhead efforts of the United States during World War II.

This division of the United States armed forces is a very important division. It is not entirely ran by the federal government, but instead is ran by both the federal government and the individual states. Its primary purpose is slightly different than the purpose of the other armed forces, because it is designed to handle any type of conflicts the citizens of the U. S. Happen to encounter, including natural disasters.

For this reason, these troops are not only some of the first troops on the ground during time of war, but they are also usually the first troops on the ground when there is a natural disaster. In fact, after Hurricane Katrina hit the coast, they were a major presence in the area to help bring order to the streets and help survivors get to shelter.

The National Guard is still heavily used in armed conflicts around the world today though. They have proven to be valuable forces in the conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq. For this reason, they are still trained very well in both survival skills and armed combat.

Although playing a role in conflicts around the world has traditionally proven to be one of the primary activities of these forces, they are also used as a form of strategic defense for our nation. These forces are often placed in important areas around the country where they serve as security and defense for vulnerable civilian locations. In this respect, the National Guard is really a last line of defense between the conflicts that rage around the world and the civilians who go about living their peaceful lives here at home.

Overall, the National Guard has played a very diverse role in the history of our country. Not only have they gone to battle with the best of our nation’s troops in major conflicts, but they have also served as a last line of defense on the home front too. In this respect, they are some of the most well rounded and well trained servicemen protecting our country today.

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