January 21, 2017

An Overview Of The Army National Guard

The Army National Guard is the last defense of the United States. This highly trained armed force also acts as a valuable tool in reinforcing the troops of the United States who are placed in many countries and are participating in active military conflicts all over the globe. Whether they are helping citizens escape the dangers of a natural disaster, or they are spearheading the campaign efforts of our country’s military, the Army National Guard is always there.

Us Army National Guard

This armed force serves multiple functions and it is also somewhat unique when compared to the other armed forces. Many people join this organization on a part time basis, while most people join the other armed forces as a full time career path.

This organization is also partly controlled by each individual state as well, rather than entirely by the federal government. Even though the Armed National Guard maintains these unique qualities, they are still a group of highly trained elite individuals who actively pursue the goal of defending the interests of the United States around the globe.

Many people became aware of the important contributions this large force makes towards our country’s well-being when they saw them rush into the disaster area that was created by Hurricane Katrina. These forces not only brought order to the streets of affected areas, but they also helped everyone in the area escape the dangerous situations they had found themselves in as well.

The National Guard is also recognized for the major contributions they have made in many wars in the past too. These contributions include the very first campaigns the United States made in World War II and they also include a substantial level of reinforcement of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Without the contributions of these forces, the outcomes of many significant wars in the past would have certainly been different.

The National Guard also plays a very significant role in the defense of our nation against terrorism today too. Even though this contribution is often less publicized than the other contributions this tremendous organization makes around the world, it is nevertheless a very important contribution.

To support the efforts of local police authorities and security professionals, the National Guard makes their presence well known in countless public locations around the nation by protecting the interests of the public and the country as a whole. By creating guard positions in highly vulnerable locations around the country, the threats of terrorism have been all but completely erased from the minds of average citizens.

This organization even plays a significant role in the counterdrug efforts of our government as well. In an effort to better inform the public about the risks of taking drugs, this organization teaches students and teachers in schools about the dangers of illegal substances. They also cooperate with local law enforcement to better promote their efforts as well.

The tasks and goals the Army National Guard commonly commits itself to are multifaceted. Not only do they promote the well being of all citizens in all 50 states, but they also promote the interests of the United States as a whole abroad as well. In this way, this group of dedicated and passionate individuals accomplishes many goals and better promotes the well being of the entire planet.

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